About Us

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
— Destin Sparks

We have been a happy married couple for over a dozen years now and our relationship is not only fulfilled with love but also with our passion for photography

This is not just a sudden interest but something meaningful for us that has been growing over many years until it reached a point where it became our way of life.

Since we started , we have noticed that it is not just what we simply called work. It is much more. Every session, every person, every family who visit us is one in a million.

We are truly delighted that we can be a part of these wonderful moments in people’s life and in „some measure” make their dreams come true, because we try to create a best vision, which come up to expectations of our customers.

Privately, we are parents of two amazing girls and therefore we understand how important is to capture every moment. The kids grow as we get older and nothing will ever be like it was in the past. Every new day, month and year brings moments worth remembering
That makes our job so exciting and unusual.
We are with you and your family in the most important points of your life. From the beginning – when you’re expecting your greatest treasure.

This special time which pregnancy is we can capture during our maternity session.
Then, the first few days, when you have already welcomed your baby are the best time for the newborn session.

There is nothing more sweet and moving than little person surrounded by caring parents
Family photos are what we return to later, even after many years so it is a good idea to record these exceptional moments.
We all know this felling when we can sit back with our beloved and view photos from photo album.

All childhood memories come back.

Photos are one of the most beautiful and valuable memories you can pass on to family and friends. We fully understand this and that is why we want to help you to save those moments professionally and (according to famous Ed Sheeran’s song)

„keep this love in a photograph”.

Aneta and Marcin
Markos Photography