Newborn Session

Let’s be honest – the moment you give birth to a baby, your phone becomes a camera designated to capturing every moment of their life. Remember those selfies and meals from your favorite restaurant? Not anymore!

Now it is all cute baby smiles, because they grow so fast, you don’t want to miss any of it. Also, they just look so adorable in every single picture, don’t they?
While I can’t promise to get you your phone back, I understand how important it is for you to capture those first precious moments of your baby’s life. And I’m here to give you the best memories in the professional quality, to cherish for years to come – every time you look at that framed picture or open that photo album with your newborn baby’s photos.

What should I prepare for a newborn photography?
I will take care of it all! I have a range of baby accessories and wraps to choose from, so we will definitely find something that matches your preferred style.
All you have to do is relax and enjoy our session. I always make sure my photoshoots are calm and comfortable, but when the babies come, I take extra care about the cosy atmosphere, so the whole family can have a great time. There is no hurry – we are gonna focus on the comfort of your baby and yourself, as this is my greatest priority. I want you to have the best time, so you can have the best photos.

When is the best time for the newborn photography?
Preferably from the day they are born (the lighting in the uterus doesn’t work quite well, if I am being honest!) and then for up to two first weeks of their life, if you wish for those adorable curly poses of a sleeping baby. Obviously, this is not a rule set in stone. You may prefer to have a photoshoot, when your child starts to be a little bit more engaged with the surroundings and can keep their eyes open for longer than a split second, which is perfectly fine too. This is up all to the kind of memories you would like to capture the most!
So, do you already have any ideas in mind, or would you like to work it out together? Either way, let me know your preferred date for a photoshoot, so we can schedule it and start getting excited about your newborn photography!