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Christmas session preparation

Scene one:
For the Rustic Toy Room Scene: Wear cozy, warm-toned clothing that complements the rustic setting. Think of colors like deep reds, earthy browns, and forest greens.

Scene two:

Picture a festive indoor setup adorned with charming Christmas trees all around.

For the Christmas Tree Sale Stand Scene: Wear your favorite festive sweater or opt for outdoor-style clothing to embrace the seasonal spirit. Don’t forget to bring along a cozy hat and scarf to stay warm and snug in the wintery setting.

Feel free to bring any other props or accessories that would add to the merry atmosphere. Whether it’s a jolly Santa hat or a pair of delightful jingle bells, let’s infuse the scene with your unique holiday flair.

Scene three:

Kids ONLY 

Cozy bed in green/gold color with a nice warm color

Wear red, gold, and dark red colors 

Please dress your family in a similar color theme and style. Preferred colors for the Christmas scenes are red, gold, white, cream, grey, navy, green, and brown. Avoid mixed patterns. Solid colors work the best.

Please bring a clean pair of shoes in a bag and put them on once inside my studio, outdoor shoes will not be allowed in the /studio /backdrops

Extra option : 

This year there will be green and gold sets of dresses available for use in the session for moms and  daughters  – If you want to use dresses from my wardrobe please let me know: the cost of use is  20e 

Make-up and hair:


Please style your daughters’ hair – it will make them stand out and shine, the perfect choice will be curls or straights – no ponytails, please.

Check the kid’s nails – avoid nail varnish because there is no quick fix for that in the photos.


Please get makeup and hair done – as you like it, but please avoid ponytails.


Please, do shave before sessions (unless you have a beard, then, of course, keep it ) and do the hair.

* Please remember *

We can’t guarantee your child/children will smile in the photos but we can promise, we will do our best to achieve it.

Sometimes is it not possible, because the child just has a bad day and isn’t in the mood for big smiles.

*unedited photos are not part of any package



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