Family session

Every family is different. And every family writes their own unique story.

This is why I was always drawn to family photographs while coming into someone’s house. Those memories hanging on the wall or standing on the shelf would tell me more about people living in this house than anything else in there. Photos would also make me realize, how fast the time flies. Just think about all the photographs of your childhood – when you were a little baby, when you got your first bicycle and when the first day of school finally came around. Then there were your teenage years, first love, first job, and now you have your own home with walls ready to be filled with all the memories you make!
We forget. Caught in our daily routines, we go through the motions and often forget to notice and remember the little moments that make our family unique – the little traditions we and our kids have, the hugs that we share.

This is why family photoshoot is such a great idea.

It is a perfect opportunity for you and your family – whether it is the closest one that jumps into your bed every morning (much too early for your liking, may I add) or the extended one that brings together whole generations, to stop for a moment and capture those times in your life. We may all laugh about that fashion and hairstyles in twenty years from now, but in order to do so – we need to remember what we looked like.
Imagine sitting with your children when they are all grown up, going through the photo album, and laughing about all the memories it brings up.

I am here to capture those memories for you.

Depending on your preference, we can either meet in our studio (I will provide all the accessories and create a unique setting in your style), take a walk through the forest, or maybe organize a family picnic. It is up to you and your family’s personality. My job is to help you make your photographic dreams come true – whether you already know them or are hoping to get inspired.
How about we have a chat and discuss the possibilities, to figure out what kind of family art will match best the wallpaper in your living room?

  • Mini
  • 150up to 45 min
  • * 45 min photoshoot
  • up to 5 family members
  • * 5 photos ( fully edited )
  • * Digital copy
  • * 5 in 5x7 print
  • * Any additional photographs: - € 20 each
  • * Additional family member - 20€
  • Contact now
  • Maxi
  • 2501,5 hours
  • * up to 2 hours
  • up to 5 family members
  • * 10 photos full edited
  • * Digital Copy
  • * 10 in 5x7
  • * Any additional photographs: - € 20 each
  • * Additional family member - 20€
  • Contact now